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Located in southeast Moscow, the seven-story Dominion Office Building achieves a sense of lightness, despite its large size, due to its long ribbon windows and staggered, cantilevered white volumes. “The Dominion Tower is a kind of critique of mass architecture, where each floor is the same as the other,” said Christos Passas, the project head and associate director at Zaha Hadid Architects to The Moscow Times. “We have tried to break this trend toward standardization, putting into the building’s exterior something more challenging and chaotic. In this case, the selected shape helps to hold a dialogue with the environment.”

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The Dominion Office Building’s staggered form is evident in its interior, which features an asymmetric black and white atrium that funnels natural light into the structure. When viewed from above, the atrium looks dynamic and neo-futuristic with its curved balconies, crisscrossing stairways, and alternating bands of black and white. Relaxation zones and coffee/snack areas are located on the balconies to make the atrium feel like a shared space that spans multiple levels, thus encouraging collaboration between the different companies in the building.

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Images via Zaha Hadid Architects, © Hufton + Crow