If you’ve always wanted the convenience of riding a skateboard, but are just too clumsy, the ZBoard electric skateboard may be for you! Reminiscent of Back to the Future’s Hoverboard, the intelligent weight-sensing skateboard is the world’s first. All you have to do to get is going is to simply lean into it and it will propel forward!

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The lightweight ZBoard is more convenient and portable than a bicycle, but still a great mode of green transportation. Innovative weight sensors have been installed on the Zboard’s deck, in front and rear foot pads. The variable sensors control the speed that you go — so lean harder forward to go faster, ot lean back and stop.

The ZBoard is an electric device, and can be charged by plugging into a standard 110V wall outlet at home. Complete with a Lithium-ion battery, it powers up in just 5 hours. The wheels of Z Board are unlike a standard skateboard, using off road wheels to ensure safety. A handle helps for easy carrying when not riding.

ZBoard tops off at a speed of about 17mph and can travel for around 10 miles before having to be recharged. The two models, ZBoard Classic and ZBoard Pro, each have a 400W electric motor and weigh between 30-37 lbs.

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for preordering the electric skateboard. The proceeds will give backers first access to the boards in April, and help fund their California-based manufacturing.

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