Zebigo is a new app that matches carpool drivers with riders on the same route and allows them to diffuse the cost of commuting. Drivers can sign up to offer their services, and riders can find a car within minutes of needing to leave on their commute or trip to an event. Riders pay drivers based on mileage, plus a 49-cent fee to Zebigo, and everyone benefits from a greener drive in the carpool lane. We love how Zebigo has created this ridesharing service based on an app, using drivers’ existing cars, so there is no fleet to manage.

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Our favorite thing about Zebigo is that both drivers and riders have control over whether they choose to ride only with background checked users, whether they prefer to only ride with a particular gender, or if they only want to ride with coworkers from their company. Both drivers and riders are also rated and reviewed on Zebigo’s website, so you can choose your carpooling partner based on reputation. Zebigo costs more than public transit but less than a cab ride. To see if the service is for them, riders can ride free for up to 29 miles of their first trip. That’s a hard offer to turn down, if you’re interested in buddying up with someone to green your commute.

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