We love sunlight transportation devices here at Inhabitat. Some of our favorite developments this year have been things like Parans Sunlight Transportation system, and the Sunlight Table designed by two students from the RCA. Now the ingenious idea of bringing natural light indoors is moving out of the experimental labs and into contemporary home furnishings with Luceplan’s Zeno Lamp.

Designed by Italian architects Diego Rossi and Raffaele Tedesco, the Zeno Lamp brings natural sunlight indoors through a system of light collectors and fiber-optic cables. The true beauty of the Zeno lamp lies in its flexibility of use – not only can it pipe natural light indoors, but it can also be used with a wide variety of artificial light sources (fluorescent, halogen, halide) – insuring that you always have light – day or night. The sophisticated system uses the integration of natural and artificial light to create a variety of different colours and chromatic yields at varying temperatures and efficiencies.

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