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To build the temporary pavilion, partnerundpartner followed the basic rules of “Cradle to Cradle”, so the structure is a CO2-positive space installation, and completely recyclable. Built from wood, sisal rope, dowels, fabric, and a supporting frame, the pavilion is completely covered in branches and tree trunks. The wood was sourced nearby during seasonal wood cutting, which is regularly done to improve the health of the forest. The branches and trunks were cut and transported (some via horse!) into Hamburg where they were attached to a substructure. After attaching, the branches and limbs were trimmed back to give it the final appearance.

The result resembles a pile of twigs that you could crawl into and an eerie light made the pavilion glow like a green lantern. Visitors to Climate Week enjoyed walking around and inside the pavilion and attended several events there. After the week was over, the structure was dismantled and the wood was returned to the forest where it was chopped up and spread on the forest floor. The wood chips will be used as nutrient matter for the forest soil. The rest of the materials were either returned or recycled to ensure that the entire life-cycle created no waste. The Zero Emission Pavilion exemplifies the life cycle of a building condensed to a temporary period of time.

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Images ©Anne Oschatz courtesy of partnerundpartner