La Casa Verde, a wind-powered home in San Francisco, not only lives up to its name with its urban application of the Skystream Residential Wind Turbine, but it’s on the market and could be your next green abode! Built as part of the Sunset Magazine Idea House Program, La Casa Verde sits on a lovely plot in San Francisco’s sunny Mission District and proves that wind power isn’t just for the suburbs anymore.

The residence, designed by John Lum Architecture, and built by Meridian Builders and Developers, is a zero-energy remodeled residence set in San Francisco. The house has all the usual amenities of a 4800 square feet home, such as a spa and an entertainment area. It will also be filled with sustainable features in an attempt to offset the environmental impact of the home- rainwater tanks and a greywater treatment system, solar water heating and even a public online energy-monitoring system, scheduled to go online soon.

And of course, the Skystream 3.7 wind turbine, which has already been installed and can be seen working at the property. Robin Wilson, the owner of the residence, claims that this is the first residential urban wind turbine in the country. She didn’t mention how cool it looked, but you can see that for yourselves, in this video that Earth2Tech shot. According to Curbed, the property is now for sale, with open-houses throughout the month of October. Check out the video below to see the house in action.

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Via Earth2tech Via Curbed

Video Via Earth2Tech