Back in August, we reported on the start of the Zero Race – an epic 80 day around-the-world excursion that pitted electric vehicles from Australia, Germany, South Korea and Switzerland against each other on a journey through Mexico, Europe, Russia, China, Canada, and the U.S. This week, the race came to the end with three vehicles victoriously arriving in Switzerland!

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The three electric vehicles, an Australian three-wheeler, a German scooter and a Swiss Monotracer motorcycle, ended their global trip in Geneva pulling up outside the UN’s European headquarters in the Swiss city. Unfortunately, the South Korean team was forced to pull out altogether in the early stages because of mechanical problems.

While the trip was advertised as an ’80 day’ race, it actually 188 days to cover 27,000km (16,800 miles) — however 80 days of this were actually spent driving.

As you can imagine, the greatest obstacle for the teams was being able to charge in the world’s more remote regions. Speaking to the BBC, Alexandra James, one of the 12 volunteers who took their turn driving the bright green Australian two-seater called Trev, said “It was very hard in some places, certainly for our team members in Russia and China”.

“They were wiring straight into the power supply in certain situations because it was the only way to get a reliable power source – it was a challenge,” she told reporters.

Sylvie Motard, of the UN Environment Programme, said the “Zero Race” had shown that cars powered by clean, renewable energy could be “as effective as petrol-driven vehicles but without emissions”.

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