Swiss group Design Werk recently unveiled their sleek Zerotracer electric motorcycle, which will attempt to travel around the world in eighty days using only renewable energy in the upcoming Zero Emissions Race. The bike has a top speed of 160 miles per hour, a range of 280 miles per charge, and an ambitious team determined to show the possibilities of EV transportation. A lot of electric motorbikes are being developed lately, but this particular one may soon be racing through a town near you.

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Based on a Monotracer body, the Zerotracer features a Kevlar skin that provides light yet strong protection for such a long journey. The team swapped the internal combustion engine for an advanced battery and electric drive train and hooked the rig up to a solar array at their headquarters. Because the tandem seater is enclosed, you obviously can’t use your legs to keep the bike upright when it is not moving, so the bike uses a pair of retractable wheels that can quickly lower to the ground and stabilize the vehicle. The bike also has a rear seat that makes it much more useful as a transporter for people and supplies.

The race starts on August 15 in Geneva, Switzerland, and like a fine Swiss watch they plan to go through 22 countries and get back to Geneva on January 22, 2011. Watch this video to see it in action. We’ll be cheering the Oerlikon Racing Team on!

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Via EV World