Zimmerman and Associates, Vista Del Valle, Sonoma, California, Sustainable, House, Modern.

Spaces within the home evolve from a series of intersecting axes, which are emphasized by the gently sloping roof and the horizontal, light colored, cedar siding. A large wing-like roof structure over the main living, dining and kitchen area creates a warm and light environment. The building’s axis creates an exterior courtyard where an infinity pool graces the edge of the hillside beyond.

Zimmerman and Associates seamlessly integrated several sustainable features into the home in order to reduce energy costs. The spaces of the home are very tall and full of light, though the projecting roof eaves hide the interiors from the powerful Californian sun. Clerestory windows and operable windows and doors help to provide the spaces with natural ventilation – enough so that there is no added air conditioning system. Solar hot water heating and radiant floor heating combine with great solar orientation to also help heat the home and water supply during the colder days.

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