Meet the ZiPee, a cute and functional electric scooter and one solution the UK’s pollution problem (ZiPee stands for Zero Input of Pollution from Emissions into the Environment). The ZiPee is a scooter marketed for London commuters, enticing them to trade in their gas guzzling vehicles for their everyday journeys. Hoping to change the outlook of passengers and urging them to make a choice in their commuting habits, the ZiPee is ideal for travel within London and other cities.

Retailing at £799, the electric scooter is capable of 30 miles on a single charge, takes only two hours to charge up and if you run out of power the incorporated pedals can get you home safely. You only have to be 14 to ride one and there are no requirements for road tax, insurance, licence or registration. Even the London Congestion Charge can’t get you!

It’s not just about the scooter though. The ZiPee is also used in local school projects to educate students on the benefits of travelling by electricity, inspiring the next generation of travellers. Changing consumers’ habits is hard, and will take time, but with the help of social entrepreneurs like ZiPee bikes, the next generation of commuters can start with good habits.

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