Here’s the ultimate ride for two-wheeled electric speed freaks –  the Peraves MonoTracer MTE-150. A commercial version of the electrified motorbike that took away top X-Prize honors in the alternative class division will soon be available for purchase. This isn’t your normal speedy motor-bike, however – the MTE-150comes complete with a luxurious cabin, a top of the line stereo, temperature control, and wheels that pop out when you pull up to a stop light to keep you upright. A little more posh than your average bike and a little bit speedier too, the MTE-150 can go from 0-60 mph in less than five seconds. Check out videos after the jump.

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In addition to this one, Peraves has created a series of 7 videos withCEO Roger Riedener that introduce you to the details of the speed machine. The Kevlar reinforced cabin comes complete with safety features like rollbars, crashbars and a stabilizing axle that helps to keep you upright even when performing the sharpest of turns. The glass on the cabin is aviation quality and is sure to make the glare of the sun manageable while you’re cruising through mountain roads on your next long-distance ride. The bike gets an equivalent of 350 MPGe per fully charged battery pack which means that, unlike most commercial electric bikes, the MTE-150 allows you to actually take long-distance rides, plus it has a baggage compartment big enough to fit the luggage on your trip.

The MTE-150 is a high class and high tech ride for those speed demons looking for a zero-emissions mode of transportation. The price for this head turning ride? $79,769 for the introductory model and $106,640 for the top of the line version.

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