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Loconda Edo by Frank Burt Burt

Frank and Christina are repurposing a 1938 building (originally built as a bordello and most recently used as a dormitory for international students) into an artist guest house. Perched on the eastern edge of the downtown district, the two-story building is named Loconda Edo, and will provide affordable living quarters for visiting artists, performers, scholars and speakers within the budget of their hosting arts organizations.

With eight rooms and four shared full baths on the second floor, the basic arrangement is one of self-sufficiency. The guests will have access to a communal kitchen where they can prepare meals and share the adjacent dining room at all hours of the day or night. A larger conference/presentation room will be available for lectures, classes, performances, and parties.

They envision the kitchen and dining area as the heart of Loconda Edo, where guests come together in causal informality to cook, talk, and have fun socializing. Instead of having to run out to a restaurant for each of their meals, guests will be able to prepare their meals as if they were at home (ideal for those with special dietary needs).

But the kitchen itself is a bit of a nightmare, and beyond a few coats of paint, has not changed much since its construction in 1938. It is in dire need of renovation; and they are somewhat at a loss as to the best way to proceed. They have determined that most, if not all, of the center cabinetry and the sink area need to be replaced. It is currently being re-wired to accommodate two dishwashers, a garbage disposal, and a reverse-osmosis tap for fresh, clean water. Guests will be provided with large water pitchers which they can fill and take back to their rooms.

Instead of the synthetic sterility of an overpriced hotel room, Loconda Edo will provide a cozy, homey, literary salon-style environment with a rich local history and a direct connection to the Houston arts scene.

Yet keeping the repairs, renovations and decorating costs to a strict budget is key to achieving a price point that will benefit the arts; and that is what they intend to do. They hope you can help them!

Christina Giannelli – former lighting designer Houston Ballet for 25 years
Frank Burt - playwright, poet, teacher of sacred geometry
746 votes

17 Responses to “Loconda Edo”

  1. BarbaraB says:

    Great work & commitment to ’empower’

  2. John B Read says:

    I hope this project goes ahead, it is well needed in Houston

  3. erindonaho says:

    I totally support the efforts of Frank and Gina and their vision to pay it forward for visitng artists. The kitchen is a place for community gathering and with MOEN help this will be THE place for these artists to come!

  4. BrownTL5 says:

    Great idea!!! Good Luck!!!

  5. Jennifer Tipton says:

    Houston is a wonderful city for the Arts. There are always visiting artists who are looking for affordable places to stay for varying lengths of time. This is a wonderful project and needs as much support as it can get.

  6. pauleenwb says:

    what a wonderful use for this building! Way to go guys – just wish I was down there with you to help paint and redo!

  7. Molly Grose says:

    Like the plan a lot. I’ve seen this kind of thing work elsewhere – go for it!

  8. Laura Lynch says:

    what a lovely idea. cheers to the progress of your project

  9. jmay says:

    This looks like a really worthy, innovative idea, and it has my vote! How about you?

  10. jamesfingalls says:

    good out of town housing is so important to all of us who travel for work – and have to work in the housing as well as in the theatre. this is where i would want to do both.designed by people who know what we need!!

    please see below: no follow up no mailing lists, no contact, please


  11. prncsskaren says:

    Locondo Edo gets my vote!!!

  12. lindsay Park says:

    Fantastic work

  13. sdowns says:

    I am sure this space will be appreciated by all who visit.

  14. montesharley says:

    i hope you win

  15. mingusmingus says:

    Fantastic Christina and Frank! Good luck with your new endeavor. Look forward to visiting the site one day.

    Sincereley,Ayman Harper

  16. garlandfielder says:

    Best of luck with it, miss you two.

  17. Cousin says:

    Good idea 🙂