Ugliest Faucet In Town

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Ugliest Faucet In Town by patricia blake

Patricia's sink and faucet has been in her house since 1970 and is still working, but it is very hard to turn on and off. She has to pound on it to turn off! She's on Social Security and can never afford to replace it. Having a new faucet would be wonderful. As you can see the sink is just as ugly.
2141 votes

4 Responses to “Ugliest Faucet In Town”

  1. ChrisYork says:

    This faucet really needs to be replaced.

  2. okler3 says:

    she really needs a new one and sink!

  3. mikewhite63 says:

    wow this needs to be replaced ! i vote her hers.

  4. tbratt64 says:

    Wow..she really needs a new sink and faucet..please help her out..