Gallery: Chinatown-Cornfields Development is an Incredible Recreational...

An ambitious riverfront recreation space, the Chinatown-Cornfields is just one of twenty major opportunity areas identified by the Los Angeles River Master Plan. The proposal for this particular stretch of the 32 mile LA River corridor includes a habitat island, a small pond suitable for kayaking, an amphitheater along the river, a promenade, and an extensive trail system through a 20-acre community park. The revitalization development will maximize community connectivity, allowing easy access to Downtown and Chinatown to the southwest, Boyle Heights to the east, and Elysian Park and Solano Canyon neighborhood to the north. Green river arterials with improved pedestrian and bicycle lines, shaded trees, street furniture and convenient paseos serve as primary connectors for surrounding communities. Complementing this new recreation section, the river’s flow will be diverted through a naturalized channel. A second river diversion provides an inner city dam and a large island in the center of the development.

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