Gallery: XTEN’s Bel Air Residence Mimics the Hillside Its Perched On

Outdoor living rooms, eating areas and swimming pools overlook the beautiful vistas below. The interior rooms in the home are also adjacent to nature, thanks to a series of transparent walls that slide open, blurring the lines between inside and outside. Stone fireplaces are found throughout the floor plan and are, also present in the formal dining room.

Built on a four acre hillside, the house is located at the top of a 150 vertical drop. The lower portion of the property is lush and wooded due to the ravines and creeks on the East and West edges of the property.

The view from the pool dock looks down on Beverly Hills from atop a heavily wooded perch. The design of the multileveled residence mimics the cutaway levels of the hillside. The lower levels inch into the hillside, meeting the facets of stone. Minimal white balconies, with matching overhangs, span almost 360 degrees of the building. The living areas are flooded with natural light and air, from all sides. Outdoor living rooms, eating areas and swimming pools overlook the beautiful view below.

A private tennis court with viewing area is located down hill from the pool deck. Further up the property, XTEN created the private living quarters. Appearing as though they have been carrved from the hillside, the bedroom areas are much more intimate than the open levels below.

XTEN’s Bel Air estate meshes the natural design of the hill with open air luxurious living.

+ XTEN Architecture


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