Gallery: 12×12 Designers Transform Reclaimed NYC Lumber Into Fresh Mode...

At this year's Wanted Design show during New York Design Week 12 contemporary designers unveiled 12 fresh new designs made entirely of lumber reclaimed from blighted New York City buildings! Dubbed 12 x 12, the exhibition features a chair made from a Park Avenue water tank, a desk made of wood salvaged from the Brooklyn Bridge, a coffee table made from Coney Island boardwalk planks, and a bar cart made of old wood casks from a distillery in Flushing. Read on to check out our photos and learn more about all 12 designs from this inspiring show!

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  1. Arqen May 22, 2012 at 11:51 pm
    Cool chair. Elegant and durable. It uses more material than needed, and it looks heavy. But I bet the sculpted, salvaged wood would be hard to re-salvage at the end of the chair's life, so it's important to maximize its life by making it freakin tough.