Gallery: 12×12 Designers Transform Reclaimed NYC Lumber Into Fresh Mode...

Bellboy used pieces of wood salvaged from a Park Avenue water tower to build a beautifully sculpted chair.

Louis Lim‘s Round & Round bench doubles as a circular storage unit! When closed the drawer fits flush to the bench’s truncated edges – pull the shelf forward to complete the circle and access the interior.

Design Brigade showcased a beautiful ‘Low Table’ made from Coney Island boardwalk planks. The table beautifully exhibits the weathered texture of the wooden planks that compose it, and it features slots for storing books, magazines, and other media.

Uhuru unveiled a beautifully finished dining table made of black spruce wood salvaged from the Henry David Throeau School.

Nicholai Moderbacher created a fun see saw out of a massive reclaimed timber. The see-saw hinges upon a pivot attached to a platform made from reclaimed wood.

Carlos Little reclaimed structural lumber from the former site of the American Express stables to create this quirky table, which bears a hidden secret – a carved wooden gun is magnetically attached to the underside of the desk!

Tri-Lox‘s drafting table is made from wood salvaged from the Brooklyn Bridge. A matching stool rounds out the design – we love the contrasting texture between the silvered wood top and the natural wood legs.

Fiyel Levent assembled her Vice Box bar using red spruce reclaimed from a 1920′s dance hall and theater. The side of the box is laser-etched with beautiful circular motifs.

Karl Zahn‘s set of “Untitled” chests are made of reclaimed heart pinae wood from the future site of the Atlantic yards development.

Fort Makers created this Stock Bar from a fitting material – wood casks salvaged from a distillery in Flushing!

Daskam Dworkis and Emily A. Martinez unveiled a beautiful shelving system made entirely from reclaimed wood.

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  1. Arqen May 22, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    Cool chair. Elegant and durable. It uses more material than needed, and it looks heavy.

    But I bet the sculpted, salvaged wood would be hard to re-salvage at the end of the chair’s life, so it’s important to maximize its life by making it freakin tough.