Gallery: 9 Amazing 3D-Printed Innovations Spotted at the 2013 Inside 3D...

The MakerBot booth was impressive with several 3D printers all fabricating simultaneously, but what caught our eye most were these chains with interlocking components. While it mind seem like a bit of a mindf@ck, the chain was designed so that each link becomes an individual piece that moves freely once it's peeled away from the build plate.

One of the most interesting things we came across at the show was Mcor Technologies‘ IRIS paper-based 3D printer, which uses regular paper as its base material rather than a plastic or a polymer. The resulting 3D models are cut out and bonded together in the machine, creating durable figures for a fraction (about 20 to 30 times cheaper) than other non paper-based machines.

If simply 3D printing on your 3D-printer isn’t enough for you, Leonar3do allows you to use a 3D mouse and 3D glasses to create your design as well.


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