Airbnb Lets You Stay in Real New York Apartments Starting at Just $17 a Night

by , 10/13/12

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Inhabitat: Could you give us some sample rates for studios, 1 bedroom apartments and larger dwellings in NYC? Is Airbnb typically more affordable than a hotel room?

Joe Gebbia: Since there are many neighborhoods in New York City, there isn’t one specific rate associated with an apartment type. But one of the advantages of Airbnb is that you can find a unique, local accommodation in New York at virtually any price level. There is something for everyone to choose across location, price range, apartment configuration, and amenities. Sometimes the choices go beyond what traditional accommodations offer, like these in NYC:

Inhabitat: How much could an owner stand to make per month by renting their apartment out with Airbnb?

Joe Gebbia: The amount of money a host can make on Airbnb depends on how often they rent their place, what type of place it is, what neighborhood it is in, and a variety of other factors. Some New Yorkers rent an extra room in their home, while others choose to rent their entire place when they’re out of town. Some hosts list their rooms year round, while others just occasionally. And while the income varies from host to host, it makes a real impact on their lives. We have hosts who have been able to save their homes from the money they make on Airbnb; who use it to pay for their education, or medical bills. We have hosts who use their extra income to save for weddings, honeymoons and vacations. For those hurt by the down economy, Airbnb brings hope in a challenging time. We traveled around the world to capture some of these stories on