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It seems like every week, the Delancey Underground comes a little bit closer to reality. Affectionately known as the Low Line, the proposed underground park could occupy an abandoned trolley station under Delancey and Essex Streets in the Lower East Side. Creators James Ramsey, the principal of RAAD, and Dan Barasch of tech think tank PopTech have already raised more than $140,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to fund a sunlight irrigation system prototype, which they are currently building with Arup Engineering. Arup will also work with the team to complete a series of feasibility studies to assess the issues of building an underground park.

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  1. mikeoffer March 31, 2012 at 11:48 am
    Expand your mass transit underground. Please put your parks in thew sunlight. Underground contained space create exponential air quality issues for its occupants/users. or the alternative, consumes vast quantities of energy attempting to- ventilate, light, control moisture... A cute, quaint, novel idea but VERY irresponsible for professional designers and engineers. Rather a showing of proffessional inability,or perhaps disregard, to integrate All aspects and consequences of attempting this type of structure. Go down to your local REI or such, and develope and support ways to enjoy the great OUTDOORS in any season. Reclaim land by removing some of your obsolete buildings,(while recycling their materials of course.)Accumylate an interconnected series of outdoor parks and enjoy.