Designers Propose Ideas for the Possible Tappan Zee Bridge Park

by , 04/13/12
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The Tappan Bridge Park Alliance, lead by Paul Feiner, the supervisor of the Town of Greenburgh, and Councilwoman Milagros Lecuona, is working toward making this park a reality. Lecuona is coordinating an international design competition, while schools like Cooper Union are challenging their own students to re-imagine the bridge.

The High Line is not just a model to follow, but also an inspiration as the idea of turning a bridge into a park was once thought of as unrealistic. The High Line proves this isn’t so — and that residents will not only use it, but flock to it for events, activities, and general meeting.

The early proposals for the Tappan Zee have already begun rolling in. One plan calls for walls to line the edges, holding in a rich forest inside. Another creates two bridges, by removing the central truss of the current bridge. Lecuona’s own sketch imagines a pedestrian walkway, complete with ornate street lamps, flower beds, and fountains, that stretches from one shore to another in a continuous park. Other class groups from Cooper Union see the park as being a green space for events, with a central area for dining, concerts and other activities.

Lecuona concludes that the project could be completed in phases, to offset costs. Transformation of the space into a park could be considerably less expensive than the actual costs of demolishing and removing the bridge after the new one is built.

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  1. wiserforit April 13, 2012 at 4:37 pm
    While this is a whimsical, lovely idea, there remains some reality-oriented questions too. First, where will monies come from to maintain the bridge/park from year to year, especially with the frequently mentioned rotting floating caissons that support it? Second, artists should be rendering illustrations of the bridge/park as it will appear dwarfed next to the two larger bridge spans that are slated to be built towering over it. Yes, there will be three bridges side-by-side -- something that might offend village residents even more. Third, how realistic is it to plan fountains and trees on a bridge that is subjected to high winds? Fourth, none of the drawings show how suicide prevention fences will have to be installed -- recently the TZB has jumpers every few months. The High Line park was not faced with any of these obstacles. Curious to hear replies.