Gallery: Designers Propose Ideas for the Possible Tappan Zee Bridge Par...

Lecuona concludes that the project could be completed in phases to offset costs. Transformation of the space into a park could be considerably less expensive than the actual costs of demolishing and removing the bridge after the new one is built.

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  1. wiserforit April 13, 2012 at 4:37 pm
    While this is a whimsical, lovely idea, there remains some reality-oriented questions too. First, where will monies come from to maintain the bridge/park from year to year, especially with the frequently mentioned rotting floating caissons that support it? Second, artists should be rendering illustrations of the bridge/park as it will appear dwarfed next to the two larger bridge spans that are slated to be built towering over it. Yes, there will be three bridges side-by-side -- something that might offend village residents even more. Third, how realistic is it to plan fountains and trees on a bridge that is subjected to high winds? Fourth, none of the drawings show how suicide prevention fences will have to be installed -- recently the TZB has jumpers every few months. The High Line park was not faced with any of these obstacles. Curious to hear replies.