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Step 1:The Ikea PS 2012 plant stand features buckets that actually fit many of the containers plants are sold in at stores so you might be able to skip this step if your container is already the right size. If your pots are too large or small, those cylindrical plastic containers you get when you order takeout happen to fit nicely, but just make sure you poke some drainage holes in the bottoms before you repot your plants.

Just so you know, the Ikea PS Plant Stands that we used in this DIY can certainly be used separately instead of in duplicate or triplicate and they were specifically designed for garden lovers in big cities. “I wanted to create a kitchen garden for everyone with gardening dreams,” explains Ikea designer Nicolas Cortolezzis. “Even for people who live in small spaces or in the middle of a big city. My mobile garden lets you grow things indoors, vertically. Three plant pots give you room for both beautiful flowers and nutritious herbs, and you get lots of wonderful scents in the bargain. IKEA PS 2012 plant stand is tall, but surprisingly light and made with a minimal amount or material. You can move it from place to place easily and, if you want, you can even use it as a green room divider.”

MATERIALS (for a divider with 3 plant stands)

Feel free to adjust the numbers for a smaller or larger divider.

- 3 Ikea PS 2012 plant stands - 9 small houseplants, vegetable plants or herb plants - 9 containers or pots for your plants (Depending on how big they are, you can use your existing pots or if you don’t yet have pots, cylindrical plastic takeout containers work great) - Something sharp to poke holes in your container with - Soil or water depending on your plants


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