Gallery: Inhabitat Visits the New LES Ecology Center E-Waste Collection...

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When equipment is dropped off at the warehouse, owners must fill out forms describing all items delivered, and may acquire a tax deduction for their donations. Items are organized by type, with special attention paid to toxic metals such as lead in CRT televisions.

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  1. anaglypher_08 February 7, 2012 at 12:06 am
    once considered waste; one should get a clearance certificate that the product have been submitted to the warehouse and should be shown to the retailer at the time of purchase of the new commodity of similar price range. also, to get the clearance certificate, one will have to pay for his trash or he pays extra for a new purchase if without a certificate. this will slow down this unwanted consumerism and people would use their money and resources wisely. then the building will change its utility from being just a warehouse to the ministry of anti-consumerism!!