Gallery: INTERVIEW: Arthur Rubinfeld & Ben Packard of Starbucks Discuss...

INHABITAT: As a global corporation you are working with farmers in really remote areas. How do you make sure that those farms are ethically run, the people are treated well, and the coffee is high quality?

Ben: So the C.A.F.E. practices piece is something that we developed with Conservation International. Essentially it is a buying standard. So there are a couple of prerequisites, similar to LEED. We've got perquisites around equality and transparency to the farmer. Not to the co-op, but actually how much is the farmer getting paid. If a organization, co-op or a farm meets our equality standards and can provide transparency, then we're in a conversation about potentially buying their coffee. The premise of this whole specialty coffee industry is around quality, so this program really embeds that into it.

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