Gallery: INTERVIEW: Arthur Rubinfeld & Ben Packard of Starbucks Discuss...

In December 2010, Starbucks officially started an initiative to build all new company owned stores toward the eventual goal of beingLEED certified. A mighty announcement for such a behemoth of a company -- with 17,000 stores world-wide and growing -- but the plan seems to be going as laid out. We sat down with Arthur Rubinfeld, President of Global Development, and Ben Packard, Vice President of Global Responsibility, on the day Rubinfeld was to recieve a Global Green Sustainability Design Award for Green Building Design thanks to his work in building LEED certified Starbucks. The newly sustainably remodeled Times Square store was our venue with recycled concrete, repurposed wood and a vintage coffee sign as our backdrop and the topic of conversation was how you get a global brand to successfully and transparently go green. It seems that having the leadership of a sustainably focused architect -- Rubinfeld -- and a 20-year veteran of the environmental management field -- Packard -- helps.

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