Gallery: INTERVIEW: Arthur Rubinfeld & Ben Packard of Starbucks Discuss...

Arthur: Imagine driving down a dirt lane in Costa Rica or Guatemala, and on the right hand side are coffee trees and plants, and on the left hand side is the same. But on one side, the yield on the trees during season is ten times more rich with coffee cherries. Because of the practices that Ben just talked about, we have farmer support centers working with farmers to identify the strongest seedlings, the best environmental practices for tending and caring for the plants during their formative years, pruning, harvesting techniques over time. I saw it with my own eyes, it is unbelievable, the farmers that work with us are seeing up to ten times the yield on a plant. And it goes back to those initial C.A.F.E. practices and our initiatives that we get as many farmers as possible to follow. They make more money, better education, and better quality of life for their families.

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