Gallery: INTERVIEW: Arthur Rubinfeld & Ben Packard of Starbucks Discuss...

INHABITAT: When did you start the program to build all new Starbucks locations to LEED certified standards?

Arthur: We officially launched it in 2008. The company has a history of innovation in this area, of environmentalism and sustainability, and it was, in a very interesting way, seamless to the company's mission statement of environmentalism, in that we have a "shared planet platform." That's what we named it, and it has three parts. The C.A.F.E. practices [C.A.F.E. stands for Coffee and Farmer Equity], which deals with how we work with the farmers in the origin countries, in terms of quality of yield and working with them to produce the finest beans in the world, what we do for their education system, for their quality of life in general, water supply, you name it.

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