Gallery: Lower East Side Residents Battle Greyhound Bus Stop Proposal a...

The Port Authority is clearly feeling threatened by the growing Chinatown bus business, and wants to get in on the curbside bus action. While that sentiment is understandable, this is probably the worst possible proposed location for a bus terminal. We'd urge Greyhound to take a look at an empty former "New Century" Chinatown bus terminal (see below) at 86 Allen street, between Grand and Broome. That notorious NYC > Philly bus company got shut down in May 2012 by Federal Regulators for safety violations, and now their bus station at 86 Allen Street is empty and abandoned. Not to mention, there are restaurants nearby and seating in the median of Allen Street.

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  1. projas2012 September 4, 2012 at 10:52 pm
    This proposal is such a bad idea, all around. It's unbelievable. The community board would be nuts to let this pass!