Gallery: New Green Playgrounds Will Capture Stormwater Throughout NYC

Playgrounds may be a favorite place for New York City children, but they have also become an ideal environmental solution for city officials. With a possibly rainy summer season ahead, the Department of Environmental Protection is teaming up with the Trust for Public Land to create unique water run-off solutions inside 10 new playgrounds throughout the city. The green public play areas will be equipped with the latest in rainwater capturing tools, including barrels, raised gardens, porous pavement, and underground storage layers.

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  1. bryant yee March 16, 2012 at 4:48 pm
    They should design a merry-go-round that generates power for LED lamps or a teeter totter that pumps purified water to the drinking fountains... They could make informational meters that display production in real-time and make it a game... who can generate the most power, etc