Gallery: NYC’s Homeless Kitties to Get Awesome Architect-Designed Shelt...

The annual Architects for Animals Giving Shelter event is back again, teaming up with the NYC Feral Cat Initiative to help the city’s homeless animals by asking top architects to create innovative shelters just for felines! This year’s event will feature some cat-tastic new homes by H3 hardy Collaborative Architecture, Francis Cauffman Architects, M Moser Associates, Callison Barteluce, Stonehill & Taylor Architects, Zimmerman Workshop, and Pilot Project Design Collective, which will be unveiled at a fundraiser party this Thursday, January 10th. We’re looking forward to seeing all of the amazing abodes, which are sure to be art pieces in themselves, in addition to a place for kitties to keep warm.

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  1. Tania Moore January 20, 2014 at 7:55 pm
    That\\\'s a great idea, but yellow is a really bad color. See the thing is, there are people who like to torture cats. If they come to know that cats can be found in those yellow containers, well, you can imagine. How about a color that blends in with its environment?