Gallery: PHOTOS: Blu Homes Opens East Coast’s First Prefab Breezehouse ...

photo copyright Jill Fehrenbacher for Inhabitat
This weekend we got the chance to tour the brand new home, located in picturesque Copake, which is near the Hudson Valley, and the city of Hudson in upstate New York. This gorgeous new green prefab house is the model home for an innovative new eco-development that consists of 12 sites with stunning views overlooking the Berkshires. With the spirit of California modern, together with the intention to create a space that melds the indoors with the outdoors and some high-tech precision engineering, the Breezhouse creates an elegant and harmonious connection between the occupant and inimitable natural surroundings, and saves a pretty penny on energy with a host of high tech green systems. Scroll through the gallery to see our exclusive photos of the stunning design.

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  1. markgmk22001 September 12, 2016 at 8:30 am
    I would like more info on your company. I am actively looking for land and want a modern style home. I like what I see on the website. Any literature or anything that would help I would appreciate it. Mark Gudo Po box 8023 Kingston, ny 12402
  2. Greenbee 2 January 30, 2015 at 7:04 pm
    I love your designs and your sustainable approach to building. I would like to know how I could work representing and selling your homes in my area. I have been a Real Estate Broker for many years here. Ultra contemporary design, which I always loved is finally appearing in this area. I see that your North Eastern home is LEED certified. I have Green Designation, and know that this is going to be the new wave in yo building I too had a thought, as commented in this blog, about how unsustainable it is to transport across the country. Is there a production plant on the East Coast?
  3. Marielle Rutherford August 5, 2013 at 6:09 am
    This is a home designed for CA. Pre-fab in due respect but I don't see what's ecological or "green" about shipping it across our large country to a climate radically different. It looks good in the snow but I realize the reality of those heating bills. Support your local businesses and remember we are the economy...