Gallery: PHOTOS: Ice Skate for Free Inside Jaguar’s Giant Snow Globe at...

It might be 80 degrees in NYC but it's wintertime inside luxury car company Jaguar's giant domed ice skating rink, which popped up under the High Line park today. The super-sized snow globe was erected by Pacific Domes as part of the automaker's Chill NY at the High Line event, and invites sweaty New Yorkers to get their skate on for free. We were on the scene snapping photos of the massive buckyball-esque structure going up yesterday - click through our gallery to see the pics and read on for info on how you can get inside this wintery wonderland.

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  1. jirinar August 16, 2012 at 3:33 pm
    The ice surface is made of plastic - no cooling energy waste there. They may be air conditioning the bubble, but don't blame it on the ice.