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The cabin's tiny but effective kitchen. "The sink is plumbed to the outside of the wagon, where a hose end can be placed into a 5-gallon water jug to hold output," writes Libby on the Whittled Down Cabin blog. "Our input (the solar shower) is 4 gallons, and the jug holds 5, so we never have to worry about overflowing."

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  1. sfzendog May 14, 2014 at 2:33 pm
    This is the greatest little trailer I\'ve ever seen. I\'ve just spent a year building a 1952 Dodge Power Wagon pickup and have been lookiing the entire time for a wonderful little sustainable trailer. Would you consider building one for me? Selling that one? Selling plans. It\'s so wonderful! Congratulations. Peter Coyote
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