Gallery: Queens Graffiti Landmark 5 Pointz is Set to be Demolished in 2...

Back in September, Inhabitat took a tour of Long Island City’s art and cultural centers, which are part of the 72 Hour Urban Action initiative to save LIC from expanding gentrification through artistic and economic development. But for one of these historic cultural landmarks, it may already be too late. 5 Pointz, a sprawling graffiti mecca, is set to be torn down in 2013 in order to make room for some not-so-cultural and not-so-historic high-rise luxury condos. Demolishing the building would not only destroy a cherished landmark that attracts artists from around the world, but it could also have serious social consequences for the neighborhood.

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  1. Pyrrhon Artlover December 29, 2013 at 6:31 am
    5 pointz disappeared... what a shame for street art... I found some pictures in Art Days 5 Pointz from Painting to “Whiting”: