Gallery: RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Hill at Stone Barns is All That and a ...

Many people have written positive reviews of Blue Hill at Stone Barns so you don't need to take our word about how worthwhile it is to dine there. It's obvious that the cuisine is otherworldly, but what stood out most to us was the exceptional job that Chef Barber has done of showing people how delicious and satisfying vegetables can be, even in the absence of meat or with very little meat. There's a misconception out there that you're either a vegetarian or a meat-eater and there's really no middle ground, but in reality, reducing your consumption of meat even a little and filling your plate with more vegetables can make a significant difference in your health as well as your impact on the earth - a point that we think Chef Barber masterfully demonstrates with his dishes. We highly recommend visiting Blue Hill at Stone Barns with an open mind and empty belly. The menu changes daily to focus on the freshest available ingredients, but for a mouthwatering look at some of the dishes you might be treated to if you visit soon, click through our photo gallery.

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