Gallery: RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Hill at Stone Barns is All That and a ...

"Farm-to-table" seems to be a hot buzzphrase in the food world right now but if you're looking for the real deal, it doesn't get more legit than Blue Hill at Stone Barns. In fact, the restaurant, voted one of Food & Wine's top 10 life-changing eateries, might more accurately be described as "table-on-farm", considering that many of the freshly-plucked veggies and aromatic herbs that star on their menu come from just a few yards away. We recently visited this truly unique sustainable food destination to nosh on one of award-winning chef Dan Barber's famous "farmer's feasts." Read on see to a sampling of what we ate - from a homemade melt-in-your-mouth parsnip steak to soft-shell crab with phytoplankton mayo to a colorful wall of crispy and sweet homemade veggie chips.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is located in Pocantico Hills, New York, about 30 miles away from New York City. It may seem like a trek but there’s no shortage of eager folks willing to travel the distance – if you’re hoping to get a reservation on a weekend, be sure to call months in advance because tables fill up fast.

This wasn’t our first trip to Stone Barns - c’mon, you know we’re farm junkies – but the ambiance inside Blue Hill is worlds away from anything we’ve felt on the farm that surrounds it. Fortressed away inside actual stone walls (you’ll notice your phone reception will drop), the interior of the restaurant is an elegant interpretation of a rustic farmhouse dining room. We took a seat in a muted grey velvet banquette overlooking a window dripping with purple lilacs and the occasional honeybee. In the center of the room, a hanging forest of miniature trees dangles peacefully over a massive wooden table. Although we were a group of four, no less than three, and at times many more, staff persons were at our side making sure our dining experience was a pleasant one. Of the twelve courses we tried, most were served in a synchronized manner with one waiter per person setting down each dish in unison with the others.


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