Gallery: Studio Garneau’s Transformer is an NYC Apartment That Morphs t...

Forget transforming cars - what if your apartment could morph into different configurations to suit your daily needs? NYC-based architecture firm Studio Garneau recently completed the Transformer, a nifty renovation of a dilapidated, multi-room prewar apartment into a spacious, sunny loft that adapts throughout the day to meet its occupant's needs. The centerpiece of the space is a large, track-mounted sliding wall that separates the bedroom from the living and dining areas. When the wall is positioned to enclose the bedroom, it exposes a floor-to-ceiling library wall of filing cabinets and adjustable shelves. And when it's slid back, covering the library, visual clutter is reduced to create a serene minimalist look.

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  1. Just Fajri February 28, 2014 at 9:33 am
    What is the wall made of? Its so thick. I am familiar with brick-wall but this one looks different. What is it made of?