Gallery: Surf Legend Herbie Fletcher’s Wrecktangles Recycle Broken Surf...

The surfers who ride the waves at the famous Pipeline in Oaha have some major cojones, but sometimes their boards don't make it out. The force of the waves can crack a board in two, leaving the rider with little more than a souvenir of their survival. Surfing legend Herbie Fletcher decided to do something with the carnage from Pipeline, and he just launched a new installation at the Hole NYC. Wrecktangles is a series of sculptures that turn broken and recycled surfboards into a complex tangle of logos, fiberglass and personal expression.

Herbie Fletcher began surfing in Huntington Beach when he was just 10, but later moved to Hawaii and became a professional surfer and the owner of several surf and snowboard lines. Also an artist, Fletcher shapes and paints boards to create fine art. His latest project, Wrecktangles, is an installation at the Hole NYC made up of broken and recycled surfboards. To create the dynamic artpieces, Fletcher sourced ravaged boards from surfers on Oahu and shipped them to NYC.

Fletcher pieced together the boards into tangled wall sculptures that are a juxtaposition of sponsor logos, traction pads, custom-made shapes and the personal expressions of each surfer. The large scale works were on display in the main gallery at 312 Bowery during the month of February and the installation of the upcycled boards was complemented by an RVCA pop-up shop that sold limited edition t-shirts and accessories from Herbie Fletcher and other surfers and artists.

+ Herbie Fletcher

+ Wrecktangles at the Hole NYC

Via Surfer Mag

Images ©the Hole NYC


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