6 wonderful places to see spring bloom in NYC

by , 04/10/15

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Wave Hill

Tucked away in the Bronx along the Hudson River, Wave Hill is a peaceful 28-acre escape within New York City. The garden features a woodland, pergola and vistas, wildflower garden, and dozens of notable trees, with blooms popping up all over the place. Okame cherry trees, Star Magnolia, Glory of the Snow, and the vibrant South African bulbs are all showing their colors. In the woodland, the purple Chionodoxa flowers blanket the ground, a yearly spring treat before the trees leaf out.

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Central Park

Known as the lungs of New York City, Central Park radiates new life as the seasons turn. Cherry trees and magnolias bloom alongside the Great Lawn and main pathways, but the wild Ramble is our favorite place in the park to hunt for the first signs of spring. Just north of the Lake, the 38-acre Ramble consists of wildwoods and twisting paths marked with outcroppings of rocks. Peaking up through the brush, you’ll find periwinkle crocuses, dainty white snowdrops, bright yellow winter aconite, and perky daffodils while the pink hellebore and winter jasmine spot the bushes.

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Narrows Botanical Garden

A lesser known garden in New York City, the Narrows Botanical Garden in Bay Ridge is a lush natural escape with stunning views of the bay and Statue of Liberty. The unique garden is designed and cared for by Bay Ridge residents. In 1995, two life-long Bay Ridgers decided to reclaim an overgrown and neglected section of the park, and today, the enclave has a garden dedicated to plants native to New York, a turtle sanctuary, a butterfly garden, several different tree groves, and an expansive lawn. You can meander through the trees to see the season’s first blooms or you can lounge on the lawn, soaking up the sun.



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    Brooklyn Botanic is nice, but try venturing up to the Bronx Botanical Garden for a much more colorful and interesting trip. Much less crowded than Brooklyn as well
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