Gallery: HIVE: Bleecker Street Subway Station Gets Decked Out with Colo...

At this junction, the LED sculpture overhead will send waves of bright color across the outline of each hexagonal shape while passengers scurry to meet their connecting trains.

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  1. odaddyo August 12, 2012 at 8:55 am
    Leo Villareal's Hive brings LED colors to the Bleecker St. station? The sanitary conditions of the subway stops out of the area above 72 Street are appalling. The Broadway tunnel which connects the 191 Street Number 1 stop with Broadway has not been swept in months. There is standing water on the North side of the tunnel that runs its entire length (this is West Nile Virus Season). Half the lights do not work or are dimmed. It is unsafe, unhealthy, dirty, scary and dangerous.