Gallery: Thousands of New Yorkers Recycle Electronics at the City’s Saf...

Nearly 4,000 New Yorkers carted, rolled, and carried their electronics, paint, and other hazardous waste to the city's SAFE Disposal recycling event in Queens this past Saturday. Organized by the Department of Sanitation, the event couldn't have come at a better time for people looking to get their spring cleaning done without having to dump their e-waste in landfills. Inhabitat was on the scene disposing of our own CRT TV, and we were astonished to see the hordes of people approaching the parking lot of St. John's University with their disposables. If you couldn't make it to the Queens event, don't worry. There are still three more events - in the Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn - this spring. Read on for the details.

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  1. ninanam129 July 5, 2013 at 7:12 am
    how can we find out how often these events occur yearly?