Gallery: Tiny 330 sq. ft. Studio Feels Open and Airy Thanks to Glass Do...

Graphic designer and Etsy shop owner Michelle Konar’s creative spirit is evident in her tiny Upper West Side apartment. At just 330 square feet, the space feels open and airy thanks to glass doors and ethereal design touches. Read on to see how Konar transformed the cozy abode into a livable space using accent colors, strategic storage and her own artwork.

The apartment’s light blue aqua wall brings warmth to the space, and is picked up in the kitchen area with faux aqua-colored bricks that Konar made from pieces of cork. Adding a vintage buffet separates the kitchen area from the dining table, and also doubles as the work space for slicing and dicing up meals and garnishes for drinks.

Konar made the space her own by hanging a painting series that she designed herself while in college over the dining table. The paintings and table sit adjacent from the comfy couch, which is strewn with boldly patterned throw pillows, adding flair to their comfort. The couch is also where Konar sets up her work station to put together the hand bound books she sells on eBay.

Konar salvaged a used hospital bed from a thrift store, and refinished it in a deep blue. Adorned with more graphic printed throw pillows, the bed ties in with the pattern of the rest of the apartment. Just next to the bed, the sliding glass doors open onto a beautiful private balcony. Konar’s tiny studio feels larger with the precious outdoor space, which is just enough for a few lounge chairs and a garden of lush plants.

Konar’s space may be small, but her creative eye has made the home the envy of her friends!



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