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David Vecchi and Emanuela Ortolani have designed a new theater for the Chelsea Arts District's waterfront that rises above the surrounding cityscape. Simply called the New York City Theatre, the structure consists of two rising towers on an elevated platform, which glitter on the water’s edge. The mixed-use building would be dedicated to re-enlivening independent theater, providing a world class venue for it to flourish, as well as an elevated park space that complements the High Line.

The New York City Theatre is meant to rival Broadway, but instead showcase smaller, independent productions, giving them a chance to shine. But in regards to the current economic situation, Vecchi and Ortolani designed a mixed-use complex, integrating residences, offices, businesses, and park space, which will all help support the independent theater on site.

A short walk from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, the theater complex will be positioned next to the High Line Park. In order to connect the park with the complex, the architects designed a green park platform that will sit flush with the greenery of the High Line. Below the elevated theater park space is the complex’s parking lot at street level. Supporting the platform are four mixed-use structures, which will be at street level and rented to shops, restaurants, and cafes for theater patrons to enjoy.

The two towers on the platform are rotated to allow better sunlight exposure. One will house residences for actors and theater staff, while the other will be a new hotel. The towers will flank the theater, which is located in the center of the platform. The New York City Theatre would be a unique asset to Manhattan’s west side waterfront, adding new park space, as well as a cultural center with gorgeous river views.

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  1. gbevan February 3, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    The park platform’s cool; the buildings look amazingly over-scale for the area, a Donald Trump wet dream.