Gallery: Strida 5.0 SX Limited Folding Bicycle


The Strida 5.0 series of slick folding bikes are revered as some of the most sturdy, lightweight, and compact cycles in their class, with everyone from urban cyclists and eco-geeks to space-starved city residents singing their praises. Recently designer Mark Sanders rolled out the latest and greatest folding cycle to grace the lineup, the SX Limited. This souped-up folding bicycle features extended handlebars, a classic comfy leather seat, and thinner, larger 18″ Schwalbe tires for faster and smoother cruising.

Sanders’ Strida 5.0 folidng bikes have the smallest footprint of any full-sized folder, weigh in at just 22 pounds, and fold in 5 seconds flat into a compact form that can be easily wheeled into subways, stored in a closet, carried on buses, or carted up stairs. Strida bikes also feature a silent grease-free kevlar belt that takes the place of a messy chain (no more ruined pant legs!) and a remarkably strong rustproof triangular frame constructed out of lightweight aluminum.

Drooling yet? Well right now you can win one and be the envy of cyclists everywhere by entering our PIMP MY ECO-RIDE CONTEST! All you have to do to win is provide us with photographic evidence of why you need this awesome bicycle. Upload your photos to our contest page and leave a comment explaining why we should pimp your eco-ride, and we’ll be selecting one lucky winner to receive this slick limited edition Strida bicycle valued at $950!


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  1. thefaceplace January 11, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Kind of a neat design but I’ve ridden other small wheel folders and they just don’t handle like a proper bike. You should check out Montague Bikes. They use full size 26″ or 700c wheels on all their folders and don’t put any cuts or hinges in their frame. They still fold compact for easy transport or storage. Take a look at

  2. transphattyacid June 17, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    Hey all,

    Why should I get the Strida? Well, there are many many more in the world more deserving than me, but read on to hear groveling, mewling, and begging! :)

    Reason 1: Because I really appreciate them!

    Strida bikes are the coolest in the world. I bought one way back in 2000. The version 2. I love it! I carry around biz cards with me for the local bike shop that sells them and I hand them out to people who ask me about the bike. The pic is of me actually giving a demo of the bike at a folding bike fest. I love ’em!

    Reason 2: I’m pathetic and needy! :)

    The reason I got it was when I moved to New York City I needed something to help me get around. NYC means walking. A LOT. Well, I have arthritis in my hips (long story but I got it very young, as a teen) and I needed a folding bike to help me. It has served me well, but New York is very hard on bikes. I’ve used it so much that it’s creaking and flexing all over, the tires are worn out, the belt is beginning to slip, etc. It’s time to get a new one. And the new version 5 has so many design improvements that the things that wore out on my bike (except the tires) won’t wear out on the new one! The frame uses much less plastic and more metal, the belt is constructed differently so it can’t slip, etc. So I’ve been looking at replacing my worn out Version 2… Well, now that the economy is in the pooper, I can’t afford another. I’m a graphic designer working freelance (read unemployed) so I barely make enough each month to make rent. You get my drift. Boy could I really use a new Strida!

    Reason 3: Green Energy for NYC!

    If you give me one, it’s quite possible that the energy released from my beaming radiant smile will be able to power the City of New York, emissions free, for at least a year! Just think if we could harness all the energy from my grinning pearly whites as I ride that glorious Strida Version 5 around NYC! How many tons of green house gas will be saved through the simple act of giving me a Strida?! It’s beautiful to think about!

    Oooo! Oooo! I hope I win! I hope I win! Anyway. Love the site. I’ll be checking back here daily. I’ve added to my blogs list.



  3. tonysidd June 16, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    This is our 1968 Schwinn Twinn Tandem, upon which we ride around Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, where my fiancee Danie and I live. We’re getting married on August 1, and it won’t be a stylish marriage (we can’t afford a carriage). We do look sweet, though, upon the seats of our bicycle built for two.

    Why do we need a Strida? Well, after we get married we are moving to Oxford England, where I’ll be going to graduate school. Between the wedding and grad school (not to mention our careers in public education and academic publishing), we’ll be just about broke by the time we get to Oxford. We certainly won’t be able to pay the shipping costs for the Tandem, which weighs about 80 lbs, and we’ve been fretting about how we’ll afford bikes once we get there. Part of what drew us there is the fact that it is one of the most bike-friendly places in the world. As you can see from the wool cycling cap and tweed jacket in the photo, I have spent this past year accumulating my Oxford bike wardrobe. Now all we need is a bike!

    Why the Strida? Well, ever since we saw one darting around the streets of Boston, we have been in love (with the Strida. We’ve been in love with each other since we first met on an elevator in our office building). We have had many conversations (really!) about the Stridas we will buy some day, once we settle into our car-free future life, to take with us on the commuter rail into the city.

    A Strida would be perfect for us now, though! Its convenient foldability would make it easy to bring it with us on the flight to the UK, and its unique design means that we could both ride once we get to Oxford (regrettably, not at the same time). All of our bicycle problems solved, just like that!

    As Americans in Europe, also, we would like to be ambassadors of the best, greenest America that we are trying to build, not the gas guzzling country that so many see us as.

    Thank you for reading our story!

    Tony and Danie


  4. Ashwin June 16, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Does that thing have a Brooks saddle on it?

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