350 MPGe Peraves MonoTracer Electric MTE-150 Motorbike Hits the Market

by , 02/28/12

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Here’s the ultimate ride for two-wheeled electric speed freaks –  the Peraves MonoTracer MTE-150. A commercial version of the electrified motorbike that took away top X-Prize honors in the alternative class division will soon be available for purchase. This isn’t your normal speedy motor-bike, however – the MTE-150 comes complete with a luxurious cabin, a top of the line stereo, temperature control, and wheels that pop out when you pull up to a stop light to keep you upright. A little more posh than your average bike and a little bit speedier too, the MTE-150 can go from 0-60 mph in less than five seconds. Check out videos after the jump.

YouTube Preview Image

In addition to this one, Peraves has created a series of 7 videos with CEO Roger Riedener that introduce you to the details of the speed machine. The Kevlar reinforced cabin comes complete with safety features like rollbars, crashbars and a stabilizing axle that helps to keep you upright even when performing the sharpest of turns. The glass on the cabin is aviation quality and is sure to make the glare of the sun manageable while you’re cruising through mountain roads on your next long-distance ride. The bike gets an equivalent of 350 MPGe per fully charged battery pack which means that, unlike most commercial electric bikes, the MTE-150 allows you to actually take long-distance rides, plus it has a baggage compartment big enough to fit the luggage on your trip.

The MTE-150 is a high class and high tech ride for those speed demons looking for a zero-emissions mode of transportation. The price for this head turning ride? $79,769 for the introductory model and $106,640 for the top of the line version.

+ Peraves MonoTracer

Via Autoblog Green

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  1. User1 June 16, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    To bad that it’s high class and high tech ride,was only built for the highly rich who Generally don’t give a dam about green unless it’s on currency ….This Awesome!!! Machine can be sold for much less and can change the look,attitude and conscienceness of our country and our world…You can give all speeches you want about man hours and Kevlar….But a business man wanting to reach a goal reaches it…Once this machine makes it to mass production,the benefits will be there to reap…Why does not any see that…??? Get the vehicle out there to as many as possible….The demand will happen and force (call for )the supply to grow. This is an amazing machine and a Golden Opportunity for real change to take place NOW !!! with proof !!!! …And it’s being stagnated …..With only a 100 being hand made a year. Bureaucracy (in all it’s forms ) is the cancer were been killed by….

  2. rierog March 6, 2012 at 3:32 am

    Unfortunately, reality is closely related to physics. and the laws of physics sometimes really suck. like the fact that you need a 4000$ front fork and a 1500$ rear shock and a 500$ steering damper to control the suspension of a 1200 lbs bike. or the fact that you need to use Kevlar® for a light and strong monocoque if you don’t want that bike to weight 2000 lbs. and Kevlar® can only be hand-laminated in a composite structure so complex as the monotracer’s body. no chinese reverse engineering will be able to reproduce such a thing with these performance numbers ever, not even for 40k. and dreaming of infinite solar panel on-board power harvesting will remain a dream because 10 sq ft of panels can produce only 200Wh at best. After 10 hours in brightest sunshine, that will give you, even with the world’s most energy-efficient high performance vehicle, a mere 20 miles of extra range. those panels need to be on your house roof, 200 sq ft will give you as much as 60000 miles/year of ultra-low carbon footprint peace of mind in your MTE-150. cheers, Roger Riedener, CEO MonoTracer of Switzerland

  3. electric38 March 2, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Nice! Add a solar parking canopy type charger and the MPG would be infinite. I can’t wait til China has one shipped their way. Once they tear it down, the price should drop to something people in our current economy could afford. It should run about 6K with the solar.

  4. DrLou February 28, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Great idea but I’m afraid the $80K price tag will scare off most potential customers. If it were priced around $15K I think it would sell like hotcakes.

  5. caeman February 28, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    325 MPGe does NOT mean it will reach 325 miles on that battery charge. THIS is why that number is so completely useless and serves only as a marketing gimic.

    It might actually go 200 miles on a full charge with highway speeds. That is not a long trip. You couldn’t even drive from Columbus to Indianapolis on I-70 on a single charge.

  6. daanmannetje February 28, 2012 at 10:57 am

    It doesn’t totally electric with that exhaust.

    But still it is a pretty cool thing, but like a Audi R8 on 2 wheels. I would definitively want one in winter, when my bike is just too cold.

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