If you only made between $400 and $4,000 a year in income and didn’t have easy access to electricity, what would you do? For many rural Indians, the answer is the Duron, a $130 solar home power system that allows users to generate and store solar energy, charge gadgets and appliances, and run LED lights.

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The Duron, which is manufactured by a company of the same name, comes with a 5 watt solar panel, a cell phone charger connection, three LED lights, and an AC grid charger. When the system is fully charged — a process that takes a day of soaking up sunlight — it can power three hours of bright lighting or 10 hours of dim lighting.

So far, Duron’s customers have included schools and small businesses that rely on consistent access to electricity to do their work. The company sells a few thousand devices each month, but that number is expected to grow as Duron scales up its efforts. With a virtually endless supply of people who could use the device (3 billion people live without reliable access to power), we have no doubt that Duron will be successful.

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