Do you find the hues in the average box of colored pencils or crayons too limiting? The folks at Scribble feel your pain, which is why they’ve developed the world’s first pen that can replicate 16 million different colors! Like a real-life Photoshop “eyedropper” tool, Scribble’s high-tech pen can scan a color from any object around you and instantly transform its ink to match the same color.

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Created by Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman, the innovative Scribble pen features a nib on one end and a RGB color scanner on the other. Once the color sensor is used to detect a color, an ARM 9 microprocessor will mix the ink to the exact same color ink as the swatch. The ink is then saved to an internal memory bank, which can hold over 100,000 unique colors.

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Although the Scribble pen isn’t available for purchase just yet, the creators are planning to launch a Kickstarter soon to bring the technology to market. In addition to the Scribble pen, which is designed for paper use, the creative team will also release a Scribble Stylus that will connect to a Scribble+ mobile app so that any captured color can be used instantly on any mobile device. Colors saved onto the Scribble+ app can also be organized, tagged, and made searchable for ease of use. Both devices weigh a little over an ounce each and will be powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

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