A tower restaurant built back in the 70s in Berlin has recently gotten an urban street-inspired face lift! The retro eatery, known by Berliners as the “Bierpinsel” (Beer Brush), no longer serves food with a view. A group of art curators have transformed the space into the TurmKunst, an art gallery, and asked four international street artists to give the exterior a colorful new look.

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Curators Christoph Tornow, Daniel Grau, and Benjamin Link asked four international street artists to design and paint the exterior of the restaurant cum art gallery. The artists were Honet from France, Sozyone from Spain, Craig “KR” Costello from the US and Flying Förtress from Germany. In total, they painted 2,000 sq meters of the building’s facade from April 1st to May 15th using MTN 94, which gave the famous pop art monument a modern upgrade and renovation. The same four artists will also paint the nearby underground station and have some of their art featured inside the gallery space.

The Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, supports the project – “One of the most memorable buildings of our city – the “Bierpinsel”- is going through a process of change. I am sure that many locals, as well as guests to our city, will follow each brushstroke attentively and appreciate how the futuristic architecture of the monument inspires the four artists. I wish all the contributor a lot of joy in this thrilling art project in the middle of Steglitz.“ For more pictures of the outdoor public art project, visit Just Taking Pictures.

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