WantedDesign has become one of New York Design Week‘s most popular shows and, as usual, this year’s lineup did not disappoint. The innovative collection of home furnishings, decorative objects and art took over Manhattan’s Terminal Stores space last week, turning it into a block-long tunnel of design eye candy. Come along on our photo tour of our favorite designs from the show!

Lead image featuring Robert Debbane‘s Galactica Table Lamp

Stefan Rurak Sandy Stools

Stefan Rurak Sandy Stools

Bushwick-based Stefan Rurak makes distinctive charred finish furnishings out of reclaimed wood from around NYC. His Hurricane Sandy stools are made of felled trees from the storm and part of the proceeds go towards the Mayor’s Fund to help victims of the disaster.

Designo Patagonia Lamp

Designo Patagonia Lamp

Designo Patagonia‘s Big Bang Baby pendant lamp is made out of the paper-thin leaves of the annual honesty (also known as unaria annua) plant, which diffuses the light to cast a soft glow.

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Robert Debbane’s Galactica Table Lamp

We were completely mesmerized by Robert Debbane’s Galactica Table Lamp. The moon-like modular lamp is made from pieces of 3D printed ABS, glowing with an ambient 15 watt LED bulb.

Sergio Andres Barba Galvan’s Irritalo Toy

The La Tlapaleria Mexican Design booth was as much fun as it was difficult to pronounce. We were fascinated by designer Sergio Andres Barba Galvan’s Irritalo toy, which uses a magnet and metallic powder to mimic human hair.

Ilse Anali Anaya Vega Pinata Toy

Ilse Anali Anaya Vega’s Dale Toy

Ilse Anali Anaya Vega’s Dale toy is a play on the traditional piñata that invites people to use the stick to find the objects sweet spots and make it light up.

#Candy #octopus #amezaiku at @wanteddesign Yum! #nycxdesign #nycxd #wanteddesign

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Shinri Tezuka’s Amezaiku Octopus Candy

Japanese candy artist Shinri Tezuka displayed his intricate (and delicious) works of art, including this awesome candy octopus. The ancient tradition known as Amezaiku involves boiling sugar syrup and then quickly stretching and pulling it by hand before the sugar hardens.

Dear Human Modular Recycled Wallpaper

Dear Human turns 100% post-consumer paper collected from local businesses into absolutely beautiful sound-abating wallpaper. The modular tiles are easily customized in any pattern.


@graypantsstudio shows off some stunning #LED and #fiberoptic #lighting #design @wanteddesign #wanteddesign #nycxdesign


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Graypants Studio LED Pixel Lights

Graypants Studio displayed their stunning LED and fiberoptic lighting, floating likes “pixels” from above.

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Claire Anne O’Brien’s Olann Chairs

British designer Claire Anne O’Brien knits these cuddly bespoke seats from Laxtons Mill wool.


Richard Clarkson Studio’s amazing Rain #lamps project ripples on your floor! #wanteddesign #lighting #nycxdesign


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Richard Clarkson Studio Rain Lamps

Richard Clarkson Studio‘s tantalizing Rain Lamps employ a natural pump system that circulates water through a glass globe, producing droplets projected by light onto the surface beneath.

Tonki America Recycled Cardboard Frames

Kickstarter-funded Tonki America invented a playful way to turn photographs, prints and the like into framed art using 100% recycled cardboard.

David Trubridge Laser-Cut Bamboo Lamps

David Trubridge‘s gorgeous laser-cut bamboo lamps stopped us in our tracks.

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SVA’s Products of Design Program

Our editor-in-chief Jill Fehrenbacher got roped into this thought-provoking social experiment by students in SVA’s Products of Design program. Visit the Gender Vendors Tumblr to find out more about their exploration of traditional gender roles.

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The project also included a baby sniffing challenge that asked people to try and guess the gender of two babies by smelling their heads.

Masuo Fujimura's Step Up Chair Ladder Hanger

Masuo Fujimura Step Up Chair

Masuo Fujimura‘s Step Up Chair is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that doubles as a step ladder and triples as a valet/place to hang clothes.

Wud String Lamps Red Closeup

Wake Up Dear Wood and String Lamps

Wake Up Dear (WUD) makes these captivating wood and string lamps in collaboration with local artisans in Atlanta, Georgia. They’s extremely lightweight and their delicate geometric patterns cast dramatic shadows on the wall.

Muzz Lamps and Ashtrays

Muzz Design Off-Cuts Collection

Muzz Design‘s Off-Cuts collection is “a concept for any kind of designer to be encouraged and be inspired from material, process and design towards a zero waste system.” The Haruka Lamp is specially designed to be fabricated just two cuts in a sheet of stainless steel, producing no offcuts, while the ashtray is made out of the middle cuts left over from the production of acrylic circles.

Polish Design“The Garden” pop-up by Bozka Rydlewska.

Inside Out Art Installation

Visitors to Wanted were treated to a special exhibition of Polish graphic design entitled Inside Out. The mini gallery featured a curated collection showcasing the best of Polish graphic design and illustration.

Tat Chao Key Magnets

Tat Chao Key Magnets

Designer Tat Chao‘s handy magnetic key block is finished with off-cut laminate leftover from his friend’s projects.

Michael Garman Modular Wall hanging

Michael Garman Modular Wall Hanging

You can fill a whole wall with Michael Garman’s modular felt teardrop shelves or just use one at a time. Made of thick felt, baltic birch and brass, they can also hold plants, mirrors or tsotchkes.

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